Manatee Observation
Manatee Observation

Do Not Disturb Wild Manatee Tours  
Paddle with Manatees  Offered October through February

Our manatee tours are generally conducted on the less crowded Chassahowitzka River just a short jaunt
down the coast from Crystal River.  Here, manatees can be observed in a more natural, relaxed, and
intimate setting with no crowding from the hundreds of divers looking to pet a manatee.  While manatees
are  the featured species, they are not the sole focus of our tours. We will also explore more of the
manatees habitat in the Chassahowitzka wilderness looking for sightings of eagles, osprey, wood storks,
wading birds, raccoons, and otters.  Manatees are a seasonal species and are wild animals, therefore
while we promise we will do our best, sightings cannot be guaranteed.  Manatee sightings are more
frequent when gulf water temperatures are below 70 F  degrees.  
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With the onset of winter, these gentle giants migrate to the spring fed waters of  Florida to seek shelter
from the cold.  At a balmy 72 degrees, the springs provide them with life sustaining warmth. As spring
moves to summer, most manatees leave the area to feed in the shallow coastal waters ranging from
Tampa Bay to the Gulf Coasts of Texas and Louisiana.  Learn about this unique marine mammal from our
marine biologist guide and master naturalists.

FAQ: What is the difference among, private, public, and kid friendly tours?

Keeping with the principles of true ecotourism, our encounters feature passive observation and a hands off
approach.  We donate 10% of our tour fees from SMC members for manatee conservation.

"Those who wish to pet and baby wild animals "love" them. But those who respect their natures and wish
to let them live normal lives, love them more
." (Edwin Way Teale)

Public Manatee Tours (Participants must be at least 13 years of age).  $50 pp pt.         

Private Manatee Tours (No age limit).                                                   $100 pp pt.                                                       

Kid Friendly Manatee Tours for families with children 12 and under        $65 pp pt.                                                    
Manatee Kayak Trips
Aardvark's Florida Kayak Company

Serving all of Central Florida
Have Kayaks, Will Travel
All participants will meet at  the  Chassahowitzka County Campground or Kings Bay Park in Crystal River
depending on tour venue.  Exact address will be provided upon acceptance of reservation.
Discontinued for the Season
Manatees May be Seen on the Ozello Keys
Tour in the Warmer Months