Paddling Tip: Paddling Posture (Adapted From Jackson Kayak)

Your posture will have a massive effect on your performance (and your comfort) in your kayak so its important to get it right.

Whether you are in a sit on top fishing kayak (with your legs just slightly bent), a touring kayak (with your legs slightly bent and
knees out to the side) good paddling posture will always be the same.

Ideally you want to be sitting nice and tall in a straight yet relaxed position.

How to find a good Paddling Posture

Think of sitting in or on your kayak as if you were sitting on a park bench (not a lounge chair) with no back.  Slouch a little, but
keep your shoulders directly over to slightly in front of your hips.

Now you are in a great neutral paddling posture.

The effect of Flexibility and Strength on your paddling posture.

Sometimes when you are first starting kayaking you mind find this seating position uncomfortable as it may be outside of your
natural flexibility range. You can use the exercise in the fitness session to hep develop your flexibility and core strength. This will
help you quickly improve your paddling posture and all round strength and making sitting in a good paddling position easier and
more natural.

The effect of your connection in your boat on paddling posture.

To maintain this good paddling posture it helps to have a good connection with the boat. Every connection point we have with the
boat has an effect on how we perform.

Think about every connection point you have in your kayak. The points at which your body meets the boat. You should have
connections at back, your seat, and your feet.  The foot brace placement is critical.  Too far away and you immediately go into a
shoulders back posture.  As you attempt to rotate your torso, you spine cannot move freely without jamming in the hip socket.  
Most back complaints can be cured by using proper posture.

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OUR PADDLING ENVIRONMENT: I wish there was fewer political battles to fight and more paddling opportunities, but
it is what it is. Being informed and informing others is a big part of the battle.

First locally, there is another chapter in the ongoing saga of Pirate's Cove.  Many of you know this location as the
launch point for many of our paddling excursions into the Back Country of St. Martins Marsh Aquatic Preserve.  This
area is one of the most pristine coastal habitats in the State of Florida.  Citrus County recognized this and through
growth management overseen by the Florida Department of Community Affairs, (Now the Office of Economic
Opportunity under Gov. Rick Scott) reduced building density's in the Coastal Zone to protect this fragile and unique
habitat.  Pirate's Cove was the site of a small hotel, campground, and restaurant.  It was irrevocably damaged in the
No Name storm of 1993 and has since been demolished. In 2012 a developer bought the property and submitted
plans that required a rezoning of the property to accommodate what could best be described as a resort
development that included condos,a restaurant and other amenities.  His original application was denied.  He then
sued Citrus County and subsequently lost.  He has now returned with another plan.  While he legally maybe grand-
fathered for some specific uses, He will require variances to height and/or setback requirements as well as
modifications to the development code.  

My biggest objection from an environmental standpoint is sewage disposal.  There is no central sewer line, so the
treated waste will inevitably end up either leaching nutrients into the pristine waters or spilling them during the next
flood.  The site was inundated in 1993 and again this year during Hermine.

There is more information at
Ozello.Net as well as a link to their petition.

Here is some more information from local news sources:

Citrus County Chronicle
Click here for the Good News
from the FEDS