More Than Manatees and Three Sisters Spring
While Crystal River is  perhaps best known for its
manatees at Three Sisters Spring, we are so much more!

For water lovers, we offer  venues that are much less
crowded than the heavily tourist oriented Three Sisters
Spring.  While beautiful in its own right, it is all about
timing if you want the best experience.  A recent study
termed it chaotic during peak use times which are
generally weekends and holidays.

The information that follows gives you a small look at just
some of the many natural wonders of Citrus County.
Chassahowitzka River           
Chassahowitzka is a name derived from the Native American description of the land of hanging pumpkins. A Seminole
word that means “hanging pumpkins,” This word is constructed from “pumpkins” chasi, and wiski, “hanging loose.”

The Chassahowitzka is one of the Nature Coast's most protected rivers with the majority of the shoreline designated as
either State Forest or National Wildlife Refuge. Many small creeks lead from springs buried deep in the woods to the main
river. This river is tidal and can be very shallow at the lowest tides and especially with a strong east wind. Paddlers, please
give way to power boats who are often constrained by draft in the  shallow main river channel.

With each season comes different wildlife viewing opportunities.  Birding is consistently good with numerous sightings of
osprey, herons, egrets, ibis, wood stork, cormorants, vultures, and anhingas. Otter sightings become more common in the
spring and you may also catch a glimpse of swallowtail kites. Bald eagles are more frequent in winter months and a small
population of manatees has become established in the river.

The Rainbow River is one of Florida Last Great Spring Systems. The springs had been a tourist attraction since the early
1930s, and became a highly popular private park in the 1960s with glass bottom boat and gondola rides, riverboat tours,
log raft rides, submarine boat tours and other activities. After the attraction closed in 1974, local citizens pressed the state
of Florida to purchase the lands around the springs.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Florida Park Service now manages it as Rainbow Springs State
Park. In addition, Rainbow Springs is designated a National Natural Landmark and the Rainbow River is an Aquatic
Preserve and an Outstanding Florida Water.

Rainbow Springs (the headwaters) is the fourth largest and one of the most picturesque of Florida’s first magnitude
springs. Archaeological evidence dating back 12,000 years ago shows that Rainbow Springs was important to prehistoric
people for clean water, food and making stone tools.

On this tour we paddle from KP Hole (a Marion County Park), as a licensed tour operator, to Rainbow Springs State Park.  
Ample opportunities for a quick dip into the gin clear waters  always present themselves if one is so inclined.
St. Martins Marsh Back Country  Our Favorite Tour Anytime
The coastal area of Citrus County is probably one of her best kept secrets.  Known primarily to local kayak fisherman
for its great fishing opportunities, the area offers brilliant scenery and the clearest water this side of the Florida Keys.  
There is little boat traffic even on holidays and weekends due to the shallow water and hard bottom. That makes this
our go to spot for kayak touring. In fact, during  late spring through summer, on weekends and holidays, the Back
Country Tour is our only touring venue.
Rainbow River          Best Paddled Weekdays