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Lake Rousseau Backwaters Kayak Tour
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Lake Rousseau Backwaters from Goldendale
2.25 miles from SR 41 N Goldendale Ave, Dunnellon, FL 34433

Paddle Information

This tour launches at Goldendale Boat Ramp. The tour heads upstream intersecting
with the main channel of the Withlacoochee River where it begins to widen to form the
backwaters of Lake Rousseau.  Following the back channels, heading west to an area
where the marsh becomes the lake and return.  There are no resting areas.  There are
no fees. There are no facilities, limited parking.

River Details:
Lake Rousseau was created when a hydro power dam was built across the
Withlacoochee River near the City of Inglis in the early 1900's. The backwaters area is
where the river flows into the lake. Numerous tree snags provide perches for all
manner of wading birds. Marsh islands form wind breaks and generally allow paddling
in all conditions. During the late fall and winter months, bald eagles nest in several
locations.  During the warmer months, alligators and turtles can also be viewed.

River Rating:
Easy/Moderate.    This trip is suited for individuals with moderate paddling abilities.

Scenery Rating:
Excellent – Undeveloped, heavily vegetated marsh islands provide cover for many
different types of bird species.

Trip Length:
Approximately 3 to 5 miles round trip/2-3 hours.

Current/Wind Impact/Issues:
Submerged Stumps are the primary issue
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Lake Rousseau Backwaters Tour