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Gum Slough Kayak Tour
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One of the most remote inland locations along the Withlacoochee River. Spring fed
with numerous braided creeks, it can be a confusing paddle without some local
knowledge to guide you. Best paddled at higher waters to avoid portaging the
numerous downed trees. The bottom land hardwood forest is dominated by Sweet Gum
trees, hence the name Gum Slough.

The trip launches 3/4 mile upstream at the Turner Camp Rd boat ramp.

Gum Slough is a small hidden tributary of the Withlacotchee River. We will cross the
Witlacotchee River to begin passage on Gum Slough; the lower section tanin colored
waters slowly clears and becomes cooler as you progress upstream indicating its
springs origins further upstream. This is a shallow waterway which could complicate
our passage if the water levels are low, possibly require getting out of boats to avoid
blowdown or submerged obstacles. The waterway widens as you get closer to the
headsprings offering scernery remisicent of Silver River. Upon arrival at the
headspring we will reverse our route back to the putin. The only signs of civilization is
houses near and at the headsprings, otherwise, you are in primordial Florida!

River Rating:   Generally moderate paddle in protected waters with mild current. Lower
water levels may require boat exists to get over submerrged obstacles. This trip is
suitable for paddlers with average physical ability.

Scenery Rating:   Excellent. Gum Slough is like a smaller/intimate version of Silver

Trip Length: up to 11.2 miles / 3 hours
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