Secure Online Booking with XOLA
All Trips and Rentals are by reservation. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours (for online booking, 48
hours) in advance and we recommend reservations be made at least 1 week in advance if you are requesting a
specific piece of equipment, a specific day, trip or time. Y
ou will be asked for the approximate weights of the
paddlers in order for us to assign appropriate kayaks. Failure to supply an accurate weight can result in a safety
issue and Aardvark's cannot be held  responsible under those circumstances.
A waiver form is required by our
insurance carrier. There is a separate form for minor children which must be signed by a parent or legal

As a service to our clients, especially those residing overseas, we have now implemented an online booking
system through XOLA.
The online booking system will not let you book within 48 hours of the selected day.  You
may call the Reservation Center to see if anything is still available or if you choose
not to book online, you may
still reserve by calling the shop's reservation center which is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 am
through 5 pm Eastern Time. The number is 1-352-795-5650.

How the Online System Works

You can reserve both RENTAL KAYAKS, RENTAL SUPs, and ECOTOURS online from the links below.

Once you have chosen the item you wish to reserve, click the
BOOK NOW button.

First enter the
Number of Guests (There is a minimum of 2 guests for online booking for tours.  If you are a
single paddler, please call) and then click on
Pick a Date. A calendar will pop up showing a dollar figure ($) on
dates that are available for the tour or rental you have chosen.  If there is no availability shown (no dollar
amount shown), you may still call the reservation center at 1-352-795-5650 and inquire as we sometime have
access to additional qualified guides to cover overflow.  We will try our best to accommodate our guests
although there is no guarantee of secondary availability.

Once you have chosen and found a bookable day, you will be asked to enter
Name and E-mail Address.

Next, click
Review Booking.  You will then be presented with the reservation information for your review.  If
everything looks good, enter your payment information via XOLA's secure server, if you need to change any of
the details, click on
Back and correct anything that is not right and continue from there.  

Once you enter your payment info and click
Reserve It, a questionnaire will appear.  Please fill it out as
accurately as possible as this information allows us to select the best gear based on the paddler and the event

Once you have completed your reservation, you will get an e-mail acknowledging receipt of your request and
shortly thereafter an
Acceptance e-mail from Aardvark's with further details.  Your reservation is not finalized
until you receive the acceptance e-mail.

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Reservation and Cancellation Policy

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Please Note:  Watercraft of any kind (including SUPs and kayaks) are NOT allowed INSIDE Three Sisters
Springs from November 15 Through March 31.
Since many folks come to view manatees, we have installed a manatee meter to
indicate the current likelihood of seeing manatees in Kings Bay at present.
Warmer weather = Lesser chance.
SCALLOPs: Please do not reserve kayaks or SUPs with the thought of going scalloping.  The scallop grounds are too far
offshore (more than 10 miles from our shop location) and in 6-10 feet of water.
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Manatee Tours
Discontinued for the Season