Paddling Tip: Kayak Safety Know Your Boat

On our meetups and commercial tours, we require that people with their own boats have at least one bulkhead (stern) or
float bags in order to participate.  We had a conversation recently with a paddler who felt they should be exempt since their
kayak was made of royalex which is advertised as virtually unsinkable.  Again this requirement is based on the fact that
simply because a kayak didn't sink, doesn't mean that it is usable. Most assisted and self rescue techniques depend on no
water being trapped under the rear deck.  A bulkhead or float bag prevents that from happening.

Paddler can get into trouble very quickly by overestimating their kayaks ability. If you have a recreational kayak (that means
you do not have a bow AND stern hatch with sealed bulkheads) you should not go farther from shore that you can swim
pulling a swamped kayak. The reason you need to stay close to shore with a recreational kayak is if you capsize, the kayak
you will not have the required flotation to get back in your kayak. This means you are stuck in the water dragging a flooded
kayak back to shore.



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Manatee Festival January 14 & 15
NOTE: The City has been unwilling to tell us if Hunters Springs will be re-opened even a temporary basis during the
festival.  Kings Bay Park is normally closed to vehicle traffic during teat event so I would recommend calling the city
manager before coming over to kayak during that weekend. Sign the Petition to Re-Open Under Shop News below

Dave Burnell         City Manager         352-795-4216, ext. 301

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